Protect Your Queen: A Dark Revenge Romance

My brother crossed the wrong man—and now I have to pay the price.

He was an idiot who actually believed he could steal four million dollars from a dangerous man that sold intelligence for a living. Instead of losing a hand or an eye, I was drugged and taken from my bed in the dead of night. When I open my eyes, I’m in a cell, and my captor is a beautiful man that doesn’t need to take a woman to get laid.

I try to escape—many times—but I quickly realize there’s no escape. Even if my brother comes up with the four million dollars, this man still won’t let me go. He intends to take his revenge in a far more sinister way. With no other choice, I submit to his demands…and enjoy them.

I continue to search for an escape plan, but my captor is always one step ahead of me. He implanted a device in my body when I arrived, and all he has to do it hit a button and I’m dead. If I try to escape one more time, he won’t hesitate to use it. So now I’m left with one option—to make him want to let me go.

And there’s only one way to do that—by making him fall in love with me.

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