I Finally Took Her To Paris 🍷

They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world.


The French think their wine and food are superior to ours and that’s fucking nonsense. The women think they’re the most beautiful in the world, but they’re dull on the inside, and I like the sass that Italian women possess. My wife isn’t Italian but she’s a damn spitfire and I’d lose my mind if her spine wasn’t so hard.

We stayed in the 8th Arrondissement and walked to the shops Pearl wanted to visit. We got chocolate mouse and ate it out of a cone like it was ice cream, and then we walked to the cheese shop where Pearl bought far more bread and cheese than we could eat.

For dinner, I took her to a three-star Michelin restaurant Le Cinq. The dinner took three hours and had some of the best food I’ve ever had (no offense, Lars). Pearl is more of a simple eater, preferring cheese and bread over world class cooking, but she was happy to come because that’s what I wanted.

We took a river cruise down the Seine and watched the Eiffel Tower light up. Pearl was very fascinated by that. Look at the video at the bottom to listen to her be mesmerized.

We stayed out late and went to shows, and our nights were far too intimate for me to detail here. My kids are subscribers to this newsletter…and I know Vanessa would have some shit to say about that.

I worked out every morning during the trip because I would feel sluggish if I didn’t, and while that annoyed Pearl, she didn’t say anything, knowing it would lead to an argument that would never get resolved.

We just got home yesterday, and the world is quiet the way I like. People are still on winter break but it’s too cold to go outside so the streets are empty. Hardly any cars pass the road outside our villa. I hate the dead look of the vineyards outside our window, but winter is a natural part of life…just as death is. I know spring will be here soon and then life will get busy again.

We are working on new ideas for our online wine shop, offering red and white wine, cork stoppers and wine charms, special wineglass and t-shirts. This isn’t really my thing but Vanessa is very excited about it. She said we should have been doing this decades ago because branding is important for the longevity of a business. She said she wants to pass down the business through the family, through as many generations until we can proudly say that Barsetti Vineyards is hundreds of years old, and in order to do that we need to immortalize it.

We’ll keep you updated.


Crow Barsetti