F*ck New Year Resolutions

Hello, 2024.
It’s me, Crow.

It’s that time of year where we talk about our new year resolutions…

As you can probably guess, I don’t have any.

It’s a time of year where we judge ourselves for our inadequacies and our flaws. I choose to accept my flaws.

I choose to accept who the fuck I am.

Everyone else should too.

Pearl’s resolution is to learn how to cook…which I don’t understand because we have a butler. A butler who’s cooking we already like. I worked hard my whole life so someone else can cook and clean…but my wife wants to do it herself.

Vanessa’s resolution is to “drop the baby weight” because she’s not quite back to where she used to be. It was hard not to roll my eyes when she said this. I looked at Griffin and he looked at me, and in that moment, we both had the same thought.

That my daughter is blind.

Cane’s resolution is to get into the cheese business, something I’ve already warned him about many times. We’re nearing retirement and he wants to take up another hobby? My brother is a fucking idiot…

Conway’s resolution is to work less. That’s the only resolution I’ve heard this year that I actually like. I warned him that bad things could happen if he neglected his wife and family. Long hours here and there is okay, it’s understandable, but being gone all the time will have dire repercussions. If you aren’t spending time with your wife, then someone else will gladly take your place…

Looks like he listened to my advice.

For the winery, we do have a few goals for 2024. I prefer to use “goals” rather than “resolutions” because resolutions implies something needs to be resolved.

I spoke to Penelope Sky and we’ve agreed that bringing our wine to the US market is a good move. We’re working on production and distribution as we speak. Working on merchandise isn’t my forte, but she introduced me to a talented designer that can bring our brand to the next level. We’re hoping to make this dream a reality by spring.

When we started this newsletter, we didn’t expect to see so many names join the list and we’re flattered by the number of subscribers that would like to hear from us. Thank you for supporting this small family business. In my old line of work, I didn’t have a personal attachment to our products or our customers, but the wine business is truly a people business. I’m generally not a fan of talking to other human being pretty much ever, but it’s allowed me to connect with people in a way I never anticipated. I enjoy the wine tastings we offer at our vineyard and how excited our customers are. I’m touched that our wine is opened for holidays and special occasions, that it brings people together on Christmas or just a Tuesday. That it’s the first drink a couple has on their wedding day, that they save a bottle for their twentieth anniversary.

Instead of having a resolution, I’m choosing to acknowledge what’s made this year so great. It’s the people who support this business. It’s my family that I love so dearly. It’s the job that gives me purpose now that I don’t have much of a purpose anymore.

Barsetti Vineyards will be closed the next few weeks as winter ravages our beautiful countryside and I’ll spend that time here with Pearl. We’ll have a fire in the hearth in our bedroom as we lay together under the sheets. She’ll read and I’ll pretend to read, but in reality I’m just watching her, watching the glow strike her beautiful face.

Those quiet moments are my favorite.

Happy New Year,

Crow Barsetti